This project arose from my exploration within Buddhism (which I have been studying for the past two years). I characterize myself as a female Buddha called  Green Tara. I have gone to several places characterized by her; I have gone to the subway, I have gone to clubs, meetings, school, traveled by ferry etc. I not only try to imitate her physically, but I try to tune in with her mind, I try to be present with the help of her mantra and engage into paying special attention to everything. At the end of the day all the Buddha’s are enlightened minds, Tara is the Buddha of action and wisdom. I would love to have a constant meditation practice and learn to solve everything in my life arising from wisdom within my actions. This project more than a performance, is part of my spiritual practice; I try to tune in the Tara mind even if I am not wearing the costume.

How does it become real to me, and how could it be truly understood by someone else?

When is it merely a costume, and when can it become art?

Who is TARA and How many different countries and cultures know her?

Why do I want to be Tara?

Why do I not just like or admire Tara, but why want to BE her?

What qualities do I share with Tara?

What qualities does she have that I lack or desire

When do I feel most like Tara? What moments, when I am not in any costume at all, do I feel like Tara?

What moments, even in the perfect costume, do I not feel at all like Tara?

What moments did I feel someone truly connected to me as Tara?

What moments did I feel someone totally missed understanding my intention or my experience as Tara?

What was an unexpected response I got with my costume?

What feelings did wearing the costume evoke in me that I did not expect?

At what point was it just a costume, and at what point did it become art?

If I wore the costume in daily life, how would my experience be different?

What do I mean when I say “I want to transcend myself”?

What would this state of being look like?

How would I get there?

How can an invented character be more evocative of what I call “my true self”? Is it?

Tara in the City