Anonymous Gallery presented by Delamer Ituarte

Delamer Ituarte is a gallerist with a passion for art which she desires to share with everyone, regardless of their social status, economic position, and culture. She firmly believes that art is for the enjoyment of all who seek it and tries to convey her artists’s creative voices as purely as possible. Since her childhood, Ms. Ituarte has had an unparalleled education on art and has travelled extensively to appreciate first hand all of the artistic currents the world has to offer.

Having studied sociology in La Sorbonne, she is most interested not only in art, but more specifically in how humans react to art, and what drives us to become artists. Since a few years ago, she represents an anonymous artist that plants his pieces in the streets. So far he has reached NY and Mexico City, but his intention is to go world wide. This artist is not interested in fame, the same way Delamer is not interested in money. His only purpose is to make art and Delamer´s only purpose is to show it to the world. Join us in this wonderful journey.

Pictures of Her


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