I have always been drawn to repetition.  Repeating the same thing changes and explores it.  In my early work, I explored this with variations on fractals.  My current work takes this much further, to a much more personal and challenging territory.  

Tattoos show a mark of individuality. I use them as a vehicle to go inside myself starting with the outside. I use recursively my own image in this form to exorcise my problems of  insecurity and self love distorted by judgements and experiences from my social, familiar and even personal views coming from the realms of my past. Mexican artist Nahum B. Zenil has said: “I have always felt the need for self-analysis in my work in order to accept myself and the way I live. In my art I’ve tried to effect a communication between the members of society and myself”.

In this way, I do this performance in the context of art fairs; where I walk around feeling like a piece of art, opened to the spectators gaze directly to my body and inviting them to dialogue into this matters.

Diving into my prehispanic heritage I have come to imitate metaphorically  the God Xipe Totec, where he peeled his own skin  and removed his old layers  symbolizing the event that must happen to produce renewed growth. I empathize with Frida Kahlo because, through the aesthetic strategy of the self-portrait (which I bring to the contemporary media in the form of the selfie) she explores her past, her scars and her demons just like I do, in order to liberate myself and discover my essence.

Like an echo of this process I am inviting people to look at themselves and ask who they are, knowing this can be painful. With this performance I show myself full of security, power and confidence, but I also want to show that there is a place of vulnerability.

Iterative repetition of my image inevitably travels to the notion of Walter Benjamin, about the fact that authenticity in art disappears the moment an image is systematically reproduced. Never the less, my project challenges his idea that, with the reproduction, even the original is depreciated because it is no longer unique. By the contrary, I achieve to emphasize my uniqueness by empowering my self through the acceptance of who I am, how I look and the past scars and marks that built who I am today.  People who observe me in art fairs and social media contribute to create reproducible realities of myself and reinforce my aura not just like the subject of a piece of art, but like an individual: With only one purpose, to evolve as a human being.

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