Music by: Angel Alexis Rodríguez

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To create, you have to be based on your life experience. What is forming our knowledge is not only what we read or learn in college or school. Our knowledge in general is formed at random by our contact with the universe, after countless daily attempts.

Our empirical knowledge is formed by our senses, from what we perceive. I think there are few things as complete as art, because it includes all senses. Without perception, there is no art.

I started drawing fractals from an early age until this habit became more professional, and all thanks to my approach with Sacred Geometry, which is a theory discovered by a mathematician of the Middle Age nicknamed "Fibonacci" (Leonardo of Pisa ) and extensively studied by the Pythagoreans, taking this subject up to the point that is studied in quantum physics today.

Everything in the universe contains sacred geometry. Fibonacci discovered a code number: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, where the numbers following are the sum of the last number with the one before. This sequence is contained in the shells of the crustaceans, the constellations, the stems of plants, flowers, DNA in the blood, snowflakes, wings in insects, etc. Everything organic in the universe we know contains sacred geometry, in other words, fractals; where each hair, nail or pore of our body is a whole itself, which together with other identical forms make a greater whole, for example, the human body. The same applies to each pistil or petals in a flower; every star in the galaxy or each grain of sand on a beach. If we apply this theory to everything we see we can realize that we can go on forever and eternity realizing we are ONE greater whole.

My work consists of fractals. Perceived from a distance we can see a mandalic star, while closely we can perceive endless small geometric formations that form a greater whole.

It's like everything in life. It all starts with small things that end up forming something bigger. Therefore, I call my style "FRACTAL POP". An art I capture and release from the depths of my soul, with only one goal: to evolve as a human being.




Proffesional CV:

Arantxa studied Media Communications at the Universidad Iberoamericana as a career. She has also had experience abroad at Regents College of London studying Business Marketing as well as other studies in Switzerland and artistic makeup in Paris.

Currently working as a volunteer at the Museum of Modern Art.

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